The season is upon us once again and like a good neighbour we have been tending the fire all year in anticipation for one of the most frantic tax filings in decades. Staying up-to-date on all the new Government benefits and entitlements was no easy task, but with the confusion and conflicts in mind, we have stayed vigilant and determined to ensure our clients receive the best representation. As some of our clients are already aware, we have been huge advocates for at-home work expenses for years and have practices and protocols in place to make sure that every dollar spent counts towards your tax return. So if others around you are losing grip on their taxes and sanity, please direct them to our helping hands. We can get through this season together and we are looking forward to assisting everyone this year! Please stay safe and sound in these unprecedented times.

Mark, Janice and Chris

To find out more for the CERB and like benefits as the Government of Canada transitions to help Canadians in Need. Click here to find out more.

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