Disability Tax Credit Gets New Restrictions

As if having to live with a disability isn’t hard enough, we had some people among us who thought it would be a great idea to profit off other’s misfortunes. Well that gravy train has made it’s last stop. The Federal government has passed the Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Act which details how much said “promoters” can charge a taxpayer for each subsequent year that the D.T.C. has to be retroactively applied ($100/per year max.).

It is very reassuring to find out that this predatory practice has been put to a halt. Our firm has only been charging our clients the cost of their tax return (less than the sum illustrated above) to complete this process. Almost every time they cannot believe it isn’t costing them more, and our opinion has been all along that it is their money. Their lives have been impacted negatively and is difficult enough living with disabilities, the last thing they need is another scammer trying to extort them. A great victory for people living with handicaps and advocates of people with disabilities.

Here is a link to the Act via the governments website. https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/D-2.8/page-1.html#h-172649

If you or anyone you know has been duped by these fake consultants, please contact your lawyer to see if there is any reparation due after application of this law.