Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) That We Hear At Tax Time…

Q – Do I have to come into the office to file my taxes, or can I receive a house call?

A- You do not have to be physically present to have your taxes prepared. We always encourage a sit down consultation to ensure you get the most out of your tax preparation. The other possibilities include;

  • Dropping off your taxes, having them prepared by proxy and then coming back to sign your E-File and signature papers.
  • One of our associates picking up your taxes at your residence or agreed upon meeting place, having them done by that associate and meeting after to get your signatures.

We are currently only e-filing from our secure and safe office connection to ensure that everyone’s information is kept as private and confidential as possible.


Q – Speaking of security, how can I know if all my information is safe on your website and web-store?   

A- Great question! There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our clients information. We have installed SSL security certificates and MacAfee virus protection on all of our domains. Everything is encrypted and protected so you can feel calm and easy about doing business with us.


Q – If I had a question or concern that I needed answered or addressed ASAP, how soon could I expect a response?

A- Being prompt and on-time is something that every business owner should strive for and we are no different. If you called the office, you would receive an immediate response if we can attend to your call. If we are with a client or dealing with another matter, a callback could be expected within the hour in most cases. If you decided to contact us email, they are checked 4 or 5 times a day, so a response within 24 hours would be the norm in that case.


Q – Does your company offer cash back?

A – No! We have also believed it to be a very contentious and predatory practice within this industry and do not want to align ourselves with that sort of practice. 


Q – Do you offer a Seniors discount?

A – Not explicitly. We offer everyone the same early bird discount before March 1st, and since Seniors are usually the first tax payers to receive their slips, it would enabled them to take advantage of this special offer more often than regular tax paying Canadians.