List of Services/ Products

  • Basic Tax Return
  • Student Return
  • Seniors Return
  • Small Business Return
  • Rental Property Return
  • Qualified Farm/Fishing Property Return
  • U.S. Commuter Returns

Other Services Provided

  • Payroll Service – Price T.B.D. on workload
  • Bookkeeping Service –  Price T.B.D. on workload
  • Small Business Start Up Packages – Price T.B.D. on workload
  • GST/HST Fiscal Year Consultations – Price T.B.D. on workload
  • Small Business Fiscal Planning – Price T.B.D. on workload
  • Web Design/Build and Hosting – Price T.B.D. on workload (Get a free domain name when you register with FGF Web Services)

Additional Incidence Services

  • T1 Adjustment
  • Pre/Post Tax Season Consultation
  • Filing an Appeal on a C.R.A. Ruling
  • Appeal Correspondence
  • Representation in Tax Court
  • Web Design for Small Businesses, Rental Properties and More