A small, family orientated business, F.G.F.  has predicated itself on delivering comprehensive tax solutions to our clients at a fair price for over 30 years. Here is a little about the people who are going to turn your tax return into a valuable tool for securing your financial future.


Mark has been helping people with their taxes for over 30 years. It started as a labour of love and over time has become a business that his clients count on. A true family man, Mr. Conkey has always put the needs of others first and this is mirrored in his approach to doing tax preparation. While other people in the financial industry may claim they have your best interests in mind, Forest Glade Financial truly does. Your case is not farmed out to subordinates at the office, instead it is combed through very carefully during our initial consultation period, getting to know each client on a very personal basis. Instead of extracting that initial pound of blood, Mark will reasonably assess the situation and conduct his business accordingly. Being a different type of service is something that he prides himself on, and in this time of growth, these ideals will be instilled in the branches that have developed from the roots that were so precisely placed from the beginning. Please contact him if you are ready to be treated like a human, not a number.


Christopher has been with F.G.F. for a year now and is very eager to bring his unique skill set to the table. Born and raised in South Walkerville, he attended Walkerville Collegiate, St. Clair College (Law & Security) and the University of Windsor (Drama & Communications). Always wanting to be involved in the community, he is an activel volunteer in such causes as The Rotary Club’s “Art in the Park”, Habitat for Humanity, The Beer Store’s “Returns for Leukemia”, St. Clair Center for the Arts “Christmas Dinner for the Homeless” just to name a few.  Any questions about Website Design can be presented to the team and we would be more than happy to consult with you at any point of the year.